Customized Tour Packages

Customized Tour Packages

Concept of customized holiday tour packages has its root in the desire you always have to ensconce yourself and your closed ones and soak in nature with no one in vicinity. Whether you love snow capped mountains or the tropical beaches fascinate you, indulge in your desires. One of most convenient way to travel nowadays is through the tour and travel agency as they offer a wide number of options in terms of tour packages. These packages include all the essential features that are required by every traveller like food, accommodation and transportation. Apart from these basic features, these packages also provide some extra additions depending on the value of the package.

Customized Tour Packages
Importance of customized tour packages
  • 1) Customised holiday tour package helps you to do the things in your own way.
  • 2) Just travel at your own pace with the airline of your choice and we will facilitate everything that you desire.
  • 3) Choice of hotels will also be yours and different cuisines that you always love to explore would be there for you to pick.
  • 4) You can choose a personal car or want to be with other international travellers at seat-in-coach facility, your choice our priority.
  • 5) Just choose the variety of places you want to go. Be with your loved ones and explore the world.
Opting for tailor-made tour package

Have you ever thought of having a pleasure trip designed and packaged for you specially suiting your choice and your convenience? Rainbow brings you the luxurious tour packages, in which you will get customised tour packages as well. You are provided with various kinds of travel package such as honeymoon packages, adventure packages, ayurveda packages and so on.

If you want to have an enriching experience within India, Rainbow gives you all the facilities, in which you can taste the vibrancy of Rajasthan and also can feel the purity of the sea beaches in Kerala. You have the full liberty to choose the kind of packages you want for yourself by preferring the tailor-made holiday tour packages. Whether, you want to travel individually, or you want to roam with a group of people in a bus, anything can be acquired as per your convenience and requirements.

Benefits of opting for a customized package

Do you worry about spending so much money on booking your airline tickets? Rainbow assures to take up your travelling charges. You don’t have to spend money during your travel to the destination, nor while coming back. The travellers have the advantages of visiting the places they want to explore and enjoy the life’s best travel experience. They are guided by the itineraries provided to them, where they can get complete ideas about the best places they can visit in the destination.

When people decide to visit a place, accommodation within their budget is the most important thing that they keep in the mind. They are given full information about the best hotels where they can stay. They do not have to panic about searching for an accommodation. The hotels or lodges where they wish to stay give them comfortable place where they have to stay till their holiday ends.

The travellers are given theme related packages based on the choice such as honeymoon package, adventure package, or even wildlife package. Arrangements will be made from picking the travellers from their accommodation to dropping them after a day trip. Their safety is also ensured so that they will not face anything untoward during their journey and their whole day trip passes off smoothly and efficiently. The travellers will be guaranteed best food services during their stay to satisfy their taste buds as well. They will get to taste the authentic food items of the destination.

Customized Tour Packages

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